A. Hua Tian Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

A. Hua Tian’s visit to Tokyo was predestined to be momentous. This is the Chinese rider’s third Olympic Games, but the first in which he has teammates in the eventing discipline.

What You Want to Know?

A. Hua Tian Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

After placing third in dressage and then incurring some time penalties during cross-country, the 31-year-old ended up 25th overall in the eventing solo competition.

A. Hua Tian Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

After the tournament, A. Hua Tian posted on his social media account, “Proud to qualify for my second Individual Final and proud of the Don for jumping around the enormous second track – even if we had some fatigued mistakes throughout.”

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Excellent Turnout

A. Hua Tian was even more pleased with the fact that China placed ninth in its first-ever Olympic Eventing Team competition, with all three athletes (Bao Yingfeng, Sun Huadong, and A. Hua Tian) placing in the top 40.

He said that it was “amazing.”

After being approached by the Chinese Equestrian Association about potentially joining the team for the Tokyo Olympics, A. Hua Tian first dismissed the idea as “too little too late.”

But I do have to say that I’m impressed by their efforts. Also, “my fellow riders from China who took that extremely crucial and key step to take, challenge themselves and travel to Europe,” A. Hua Tian told Xinhua at the time.

A. Hua Tian praised his Chinese teammates, saying that they “put a lot of effort, blood, sweat, and tears” into the team qualification, which allowed them to compete as a team in the Olympics for the first time.

In contrast to working on a team, when everyone can help each other deal with the stress, “as an individual, in some respects you might be very focused on yourself.

A. Hua Tian, who has competed in the Asian Games twice as a member of a team, says, “You may talk about concerns that you are experiencing with the horses.”

A. Hua Tian, who was brought up in the UK by his Chinese father and British mother, has been at the forefront of Chinese eventing since he was a toddler.

In Beijing in 2008, at the Age of 18, A. Hua Tian Made Olympic History as The Sport’s Youngest Ever Competitor.

Even though many in the Chinese audience didn’t know what an equestrian event was, he relished being the centre of attention at the international sports festival.

When he fell off during the cross-country run, however, the happy ending to the fairy tale was abruptly cut short.

Even though it had been almost a dozen years since the tragic event, A. Hua Tian still remembered the crushing disappointment it had caused.

But it also strengthened his resolve to continue his career in eventing.

A. Hua Tian narrowly missed qualifying for the London Olympics four years after the Beijing Olympics, but he bounced back to finish eighth in Rio.

A. Hua Tian once reflected on the Rio Games and commented, “To finish eighth was beyond my wildest hopes at that time.” The catch is that it’s not easy to duplicate.

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The Next Year: A Year Later

A. Hua Tian’s training was disrupted by COVID-19’s deferral of the 2020 Olympics.

A. Hua Tian told Xinhua in 2020, “The Olympics being postponed by one year is pretty tough.”

We live for four years in a row, training for the Olympics, so it’s tough to let yourself drop off the height of your performance and start over again a year later.


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