50 Cent Net Worth

Curtis Jackson the third professionally known as 50 cent. Born on July 6th, 1975 in “Queens” New York City, USA. He is a recognized as Rapper, actor, entrepreneur, and producer. He is also described as “masters of the nuanced art lyrical brevity”. He is also known for his impact on the industry of hip hop.

He is a television producer, television director, record executive as well as he is present in this field from 1996. He owns many awards, received 73 awards till now from 136 nominations including Grammy Award. In 2010 Grammy was added to his collection for “crack A Bottle”(with Eminem & Dr.Dre).

What You Want to Know?

Net Worth 

50 Cent is known as the richest rapper in the world. Jackson’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million, but a huge drop has been seen in recent years when his net worth was declared as $150 million by Forbes. He sold more than 30 million albums worldwide. In the Bankruptcy petition, his assets were listed between$10 million and $ 50 million

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50Cent started his career in 1996. He is most known for his rap and hip-hop. His 1st, official impression was in Song “react” on the album “shut Em Down” that was released in 1998.

He started becoming famous after the release of his work ‘How to rob’. In February 2003 he release his debut album named “get rich or die tryin”.

The album achieved success, And the album was also known as one of the best debut albums. The album sells 872000 copies in the 1st 4 days.

His album “the massacre” sold more than 1.1 million copies in a few days. After that many more albums and singles sold high no. Of copies that take his career to heights.

Early Life

50 cent was born in Queens of New York. He was raised single parent by his mother Sabrina Jackson.

His mother was a drug dealer and at the age of 8, he also stepped on the footprints of his mother and started drug selling and weapons as well.

After some years he was arrested for illegal work he was doing. Later he left the drug business and started progressing in the rap and hip-hop industry.

Personal Life

Curtis James Jackson Ill doesn’t have a good childhood. He also started selling drugs at an early age. He also managed to survive after many gunshots in the year 2000. He grew up in very bad circumstances. His father is not known and his mother died when he was just 8. He was raised by his grandmother after the death of his mother.

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50 Cent struggled a lot in his early life but after a lot of hard work and passion. Now he is one of the most popular rappers, actors, and hip-hop artists worldwide.

In 46 years of his life, he faced many types of challenges related to his family and career as well. But at last, he is a success in his life. His albums and singles sold millions of copies and won many awards and grammy as well which is itself a legendary thing


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